Financial Education Seminar

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Please join the Hujjat Upliftment Team for our first financial education seminar on July 8th at 7:45pm in the main hall at Hujjat.

We are fortunate to have Shabbar Kassam and Maysam Rizvi hosting and interactive event to help you make the best of your finances.

To attend please sign up using the link below:

Maysam is a seasoned investment banker working with some of the biggest names in banking. He currently runs a Fintech startup to support financial sustainability and stability.

Maysam is a Financial Health Fellow (2017) of the Financial Innovation Lab, a fellow of the RSA (Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturers & Commerce) and holds an MBA. He a Board Trustee of Toynbee Hall (a charity combating poverty) and a Non-Exec Director of Spendable (a debt advice charity). He is passionate about personal finance and financial inclusion.

Shabbar has been a Financial Adviser for over 10 years, advising families on how to best manage their finances, helping them create prosperous financial futures. He strongly believes in managing behaviours towards money to ensure long term financial success.


The Hujjat Upliftment Team

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