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Hujjat ELC 10 Year Anniversary Celebrations

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During our programmes in Ramadhan and Muharram/Safar, we also operate out of the now customary marquee that is erected on the grounds of our centre, especially to cater for the excess crowds that are in attendance at the ELC during these times.

We attract a wide range of attendees including, youths, adults and even senior citizens. For example on some of the major nights during Ramadhan and Muharram, we attract in excess of 1500 people to the ELC (this includes both ladies and gents who are physically present as well as those listening online) all wanting to be engaged in a spiritual programme in English. We have therefore outgrown our image of being a youth organisation.

Our aim is to continually invite and encourage speakers and reciters of the highest order, both existing as well as up and coming, from within our own internal talent pool in Stanmore as well as externally from the domestic UK and international stage – all with a view towards reinforcing and increasing the spirituality of our many and varied attendees.  For example we have invited Sayeds Mahdi and Moustafa Modaressi, Sayed Ammar Nakshwani, Sheikh Abbas Virjee, Sayyed Ali Abbas Virjee, Sheikh Usama Ulatar, Sheikh Abbas Jaffer, Sheikh Ali-Husein Datoo, Muallim Mohammed Al-Hilli, Muallim Mehdi Hassan – to mention but a few.

Furthermore as well as delivering to congregations on the first floor and marquee within our centre, ELC programmes are now also beamed worldwide via the Hujjat streaming service.

It is recognised that English is the preferred language of communication amongst most Khoja Shia Ithnatheri’s living in London today. Therefore this coupled with the fact that we live in a political climate where many Muslims feel demonised or feel that in some ways Islam is associated with negative elements in society such as terrorism or extremism, makes it all the more important to offer a religious service at the mosque that is delivered in English so that people feel empowered and better equipped to deal with the challenges of the modern day. Therefore our vision for the ELC is to grow from strength to strength until we become one of the most respected, credible and trusted of Shia Ithnatheri institutions that offers first class and highly effective programmes in English that both engage and enable learning and make a real difference to the lives of all those attending as well as add value to the community as a whole.

For the ELC to be successful, we need two vital components:

One of these is “Teamwork.” Indeed within the ELC, we have a number of different teams – all working together towards the above common aim.

For Example:

-Team of Mukih’s
– Publicity Team
– AV Team
– Communications Team
– Special Needs Team
-Treasury Team
-Team of Marahals,
-Team of Volunteers,
-Team  who source Main Speakers
-Team of Reciters
-Team responsible for Amaals
-The ELC Ladies Team

All of the above teams that make up the ELC committee deserve a mention, because without the various individuals who make up these teams, it would indeed be very difficult to deliver our ELC programmes. Furthermore over the years there have been countless servants to of the ELC and so many have given their time to volunteer towards this cause. Our thanks therefore to all of our volunteers, both past present.
A special thanks also to the past Chairmen of the ELC, Al-Hajj Murtaza Datoo, Al-Hajj Sajjad Tejani, Al-Hajj Fazleabbas Kanji for their vision and service to this community. May Allah (SWT) reward these and all ELC volunteers amply in both this world and the hereafter.

The second vital component is a supportive Executive Committee. Alhamdullilah the ELC continues to enjoy strong support from the Hujjat EC who are forever keen to ensure that the needs and expectations of the ELC are duly met, in order to ensure both the upholding of spiritual values and the development of our community.

Indeed the change that took place 10 years ago to formalise the ELC as an English speaking institution was fundamental to our community’s development and propagating our faith in the western world.  At that time our community had the courage to take that vital leap and make the change. The result, 10 years later, we are reaping the benefits of the very vital function that the ELC provides for our community. Allah (SWT) says in the Holy Quran:

“Allah does not change a community, unless they change what is in their hearts.”

The ELC therefore stands as a testament to the efforts of the Hujjat community to serve our English speaking members. May Allah (SWT) enable us to continue to propagate the message of Islam and the Ahlul-Bayt (AS) in such a format for many years and generations to come – ameen.

We are also continuously on the look out for volunteers to join the ELC Committee. Therefore if you would like to become part of one of the above teams or if you feel there are areas where we can improve our services to the community, then please do not hesitate to email us at info@hujjatelc.org.

Finally just to inform you all, that during the fast approaching month of Mahe Ramadhan (1430), the ELC will be delivering parallel programmes every Thursday night and during the Shahadat Eve of Bibi Khadija (AS).  Guest speaker’s during these nights to be confirmed. In addition, we also have pleasure in announcing a special ELC series over 10 nights that commences on Eve 17th Ramadhan – Monday 07th September 2009 and runs until Eve 27th Ramadhan – Thursday 17th September 2009, which will include all of the amaal nights. Our guest speaker for the above series will inshallah be Sheikh Abbas Virjee from Qum, Iran.

We look forward to welcoming you to the ELC during the upcoming holy month – inshallah.

With Salaams and Duas

Kassam Jaffer
Chairman Hujjat ELC- Stanmore (2007 to Present)

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