LISTEN: Podcasts with Harrow-East Election Candidates

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Over the last few weeks, Al Haadi Hujjat Youth have sat with candidates running for office in Harrow East, ahead of the General Election on December 12. We have recorded a series of highly insightful and entertaining episodes.

Three separate podcasts were held – with Pamela Fitzpatrick (Labour), Adam Bernard (Liberal Democrats) and Bob Blackman (Conservative). Hujjat Podcast hosts Ahmed Gokal and Zayn Ahmad sat with the candidates to discuss a range of issues, spanning from domestic and foreign policy affairs, to matters affecting the Muslim community.

Amongst domestic policy issues, discussions on the NHS, Brexit, employment and education were discussed – both from the perspective of a resident within Harrow, as well as from a national point of view. Foreign policy matters such as arms sales, the Israel-Palestine conflict, and the war in Yemen were discussed. 

Each podcast asked consistent questions on the growing issue of Islamophobia within political parties, as well as their candidates of which some have been accused as Islamophobic in the past. A major topic of discussion in each episode focused on the definition of Islamophobia, designed by the Muslim Council of Britain along with the all-party parliamentary group (APPG) on British Muslims. Each candidate took a different approach to answering this.

It’s important to note that each podcast took into account any information that was public knowledge prior to the date of recording. In some cases, new information, statements and findings were released after the date of recording, hence were not mentioned in the episodes. The podcasts were in-depth and at times very critical. We maintain our non-partisan and impartial stance, and do not affiliate with any party or candidate.

Podcast with Bob Blackman (Conservative):—Bob-Blackman-Conservative-e98nfp

Podcast with Pamela Fitzpatrick (Labour):—Pamela-Fitzpatrick-Labour-e8ttm0

Podcast with Adam Bernard (Lib Dem):—Adam-Bernard-Liberal-Democrats-e91498


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