18 January
04 Jumada Al Akhira
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Mahe Ramadhan Message from President of KSIMC of London

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On behalf of the Trustees of KSIMC London, the Executive Committee, The Ladies Committee, the volunteers, the teachers and indeed on my behalf, I wish you all Mahe Ramadhan Mubarak Insha’Allah.

Al-hamdulillah (praise be to Allah SWT), the blessed month of Ramadhan is here once again – a time of worship, introspection, reflection, self-improvement, compassion, generosity – a time for us to seek closeness to Allah SWT.

We are grateful to Allah SWT that in His Infinite Mercy He has granted us these Holy days and hours and minutes, and we ask Allah SWT to grant us the benefit of every moment we are able to spend in His Divine Presence.

We seek Allah SWT’s guidance to enter the correct spirit and a commitment to move closer to Him and to acquire Taqwa.

Let us pledge ourselves here today to remove the cause of bad feelings between us and our nearest and dearest and also rid ourselves of any form of behaviour which hurts others.

Let us strive instead to don the noble qualities of conduct so beautifully exemplified by our beloved Prophet Muhammad SWAS.

Let every action that flows from us be steeped in kindness consideration and helpfulness.

Let our hearts reach out to our less fortunate brothers and sisters wherever they may be and ask Allah SWT to remove their suffering and hardship and grant them victory over their oppressors.

Let us pass our quiet moments remebering Allah SWT through reading Qur’an or making tasbeeh.

Let those of us who have parents, bring joy and comfort to their hearts and pray for their long healthy lives.

And let those who have lost their parents or dear ones, remember them in all their prayers.

O Allah, strengthen our eeman (faith) and our understanding of the purpose of fasting, accept our fast and all our ibadat.

Let us use our time, our money and all our skills and resources, to strengthen ourselves, our community and become role models for our children. In this Holy and Blessed month of Ramadhan, let us re-dedicate ourselves to the divine purpose for which we were placed here on earth. As we say in our daily prayers:
Say: “Truly, my prayer, my sacrifice, my life and my death is for Allah, Lord of All the Worlds.

Mahe Ramadhan Mubarak.

With good wishes from Kamruddin Khaki (Kakaji) – President KSIMCoL

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