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Poem on ELC

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Every Ashra-e-Muharrum, and Zainabiyya too,
majaalis held in English, and our faith they did renew.
With speakers of the highest quality, coming from far and near,
their eloquence, their knowledge, and their piety we do revere.

The ELC has been a place, to develop talent where its found,
opportunities for rookies, or reciters renowned;
from reciting Dua after Namaaz, or lectures from the pulpit
as long as there is sincerity, the community will benefit.

For those that don’t speak Urdu, or prefer English to the ear,
the ELC has been a saviour providing, year on year,
a service to the community, for a decade or there about;
a symbol of dedication, of a community devout.

So now we look to the future, to the challenges it may bring,
serving the community, methodologies advancing.
The latest competition, and quizzes make a start,
from there we must continue, striving with all our heart.

The community in London, has been blessed for 10 years and more,
with programs delivered in English, Islamic teachings galore.
We pray the ELC continues, to develop and to shine,
serving the community in London, and those who watch online.

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