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Property Update – August 2021

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Adhamaalahu Ujuruna Waujurakum Bimusabina Be Abi Abillah Al Hussain (A.S)

Respected Scholars, My dear Elders, Brothers and Sisters

Salamun Alaikum

Following our last monthly update in July 2021 on our beloved Hujjat Centre, on the property front, the past month has been very busy Alhamdulillah.

Centre Restoration – Northwood Carter, the RICS surveyor working with the insurers on the restoration of the building, in their latest update meeting have mentioned that the specifications are being compiled for the tendering of restoration works.

Centre Pre Application – Studio Downie, the architect working on the wider development plans, have been working closely with all the specialist stakeholders to compile a thorough pre application pack, including the heritage consultants who are looking at a comprehensive approach to the enhanced listing.

With regard to the temporary steel structure – TSS, following last month’s update we have now had a site visit and have had subsequent meetings with Harrow Planning and Heritage department discussing the details of our proposal.

We now await a formal report from the council, expected to give us a “detail” guidance, allowing us to be in a position such that we can get an indicative green light from them on this before submitting the formal planning application.

Insha’Allah we continually strive to do our best to speed up the above processes as much as possible and are grateful for everyone’s well wishes and support – many of whom have recently come forward to offer help in multiple ways, Insha’Allah your reward is with

Allah SWT.

As we mourn the tragedy of Kerbala and remember our King of Martyrs (A.S), his family and companions, we pray to Allah SWT with the Wasilah of Syedus Shuhadaa (A.S.) and Bibi Zainab (S.A) Insha’Allah for speedy progress for the works to start soon at our beloved Centre. Ameen.

Wassalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

By: Mohamedasif
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