Ramadhan Relations – A new initiative

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*Ramadhan Relations*

Hujjat Helping Hands, Al-Haadi Youth and Inspirational Minds are honoured to launch an inter-generational initiative bringing together seniors in our community with the youth.

This scheme is a friendship between a Senior (any Lady or Gent 50+ can register) and Youth (Girl or Boy aged 5-18 years) from our community. It is aimed to enhance social interaction between the Seniors and Youth, both benefiting from each other’s virtual companionship during the month of Ramadan.

We hope to see the youth inspired by our community’s seniors, learning from their valuable life experience, teaching their mother tongue, and enhance their character and concept of servitude. While the youth can build companions in our seniors and teach modern day skills e.g. using Zoom to ensure our seniors are well equipped for the 21st century.

*Join the initiative*
If you would like to join the initiative, or believe someone may benefit from Ramadhan Relations, please register your interest by visiting or contact Sonya Moledina on 07736 297 029 or Riyaz Khaku on 07405 609 022.

*How does it work?*

  1. Seniors will be identified by the Seniors Committee (Ladies) and Hujjat Helping Hands (Gents)
  2. Youth will be identified by Al-Haadi Youth
  3. Seniors will be paired with Youth for the duration of Ramadhan, and contact details will be exchanged with a guardian’s oversight.

InshAllah if this initiative is successful, we will aim to roll out other fun and interactive projects bringing the youth and seniors of our community together.

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