Ridhayatullah Theatre is coming to North London next week

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Ridhayatullah Theatre is touring the UK once again with their Harbinger trilogy of plays, with their first performance taking place on 31st August and 1st September in North London. 

Early bird tickets are available for £7 until August 26th: Buy your tickets here

The Harbingers were the specially chosen forerunners announcing the advent of a noble, glorified and honourable man who stood to instil divine rule in the 7th-century Arabian empire, the greatest in the world at the time. They were warriors known for their impeccable devotion and their stories were instrumental in shaping Mesopotamian history.

*The ‘Forlorn Warrior’* is their signature performance having undergone a substantial rewrite. The ‘First Martyr’ serves as its prequel and the ‘Final Quest’ as its sequel. Though the trilogy of plays was written to relate the accounts of the 3 Harbingers and the relationships between them, they are at the same time distinctly different storylines which will inspire and astound audiences offering a soul-stirring experience.

Performance Details:

First Martyr: Saturday 31st Aug at 12:00pm
Forlorn Warrior (new play): Saturday 31st Aug at 4:30pm
Final Quest: Sunday 1st Sep at 11:30am

Venue: The Radlett Centre, Aldenham Ave, Radlett, WD7 8HL (only 10 min from Stanmore)

Find out more about Ridhayatullah Theatre:

For tickets:

By: m.salim.kassam
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