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Shahr Ramadhan 1430 Lecture 5/6 ANSWERS

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Shahr Ramadhan 1430.
Lecture 5/6:  Maxims from the life of Imam Ali (AS)
Mehdi Hassan.   11-12/09/2009

1.Who on the deathbed of the Prophet (SAW) said the words “The Quran is enough for us” thereby rejecting the Prophetic teaching that we need both the Quran and Ahlul bayt for our guidance?

B.Umar ibn Khattab.

2.The famous Prophetic Hadith that says that the Holy Quran and Imam Ali (AS) are inseparable has been quoted by the Sunni Scholar Al-Muttaqi al Hindi in which one of his famous works?

D. Kanzul Ummal.

3.Who are the “Qurba” that are referred to in Surah 42 verse 23?

The “Qurba” here refers to Imam Ali (AS), Bibi Fatema (AS), Imam Hassan (AS) and Imam Hussein (AS).

(And the nine descendants of Imam Hussein (AS))

4.How many verses of the Holy Quran are said to have been revealed in praise of Imam Ali (AS) as narrated in a hadith by Abdallah Ibn Abbas?

D. 300

5.Which Sunni Scholar was has no love for the Shia has mentioned the above hadith in his book?

C. Ibn Hajjar Makki

6.Which Verse of the Holy Quran refers to Imam Ali (AS)’s act of giving Zakaat whilst in the state of Rukuu?

D. 5:55.

7.Surah 13, verse 7 mentions the “Warner” and the “Guide”, according to the Holy Prophet (SAW) who is this “Warner” and who is this “Guide”?

A.Rasullullah (SAW) is the Warner and Imam Ali (AS) is the guide

8.Surah 98, verse 7 mentions the “Khairul Bareeah”. According to Rasulullah (SAW) who are these “Khairul Bareeah”?

Imam Ali (AS) and his Shia

9.Which are the only two battles that have been mentioned by name in the Holy Quran?

Battles of Badr and Hunayn

10.What were the 5 battles that were discussed in the lecture. Mention the date that each one took place. Indicate the following in your answer: Which one of them is known as the “Furqaan of Islam”? which battle was it where Amr ibn Abd Wudd was defeated by Imam Ali (AS) and which battle was it where all the Muslims ran away from Rasullullah (SAW) except pious 8 companions led by Imam Ali (AS)?

BADR – took place 622 AD. This was known to be the “Furqaan of Islam” (i.e clear distinguisher between haqq and batil). Mentioned in the Holy Quran.

UHUD- took place 625 AD, near mount UHUD.

KHANDAQ- took place 627 AD. This was the battle where the hero of the enemy of Islam Amr ibn Abd Wudd was comprehensively defeared by Imam Ali (AS)

KHYABER – Took place 629 AD. 90 miles north of Madina.

HUNAYN-Took place 630AD, the second one of two battles that are mentioned specifically in the Holy Quran. This was the battle where only  8 companions stayed to defend the Holy Prophet (SAW) and Islam.

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