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Shia Convention: Sunday 28th June 2009

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The Shia Convention on Sunday 28th June will be held at Islamic Centre, Maida Vale, London organised by Majlis Ulama-e-Shia (Europe) [organisation of Shia Ulema, comprising of about 50 members throughout the UK] and with the cooperation of Shia Islamic Council of UK [an organisation of Shia centres, originally from India and Pakistan, in the UK, comprising of 30 organisations]

The convention has two sessions, the first session will start at 10.30am and will finish at 1.00pm for prayer and lunch. The second session will start at 2.30pm until 6.00pm.

Different scholars and leaders of the communities will address the convention in Urdu and English, on the following subjects:

1. Current challenges faced by the Muslim world
2. Unity of Shia community in the UK
3. Protest against the brutality on Shias around the world
4. Tribute to the Shuhada
5. Responsibilities to preserve the values of Azadari of Syed-us-Shuhada (A)

All Shia communities are invited to attend this convention.

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