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First Shura Meeting

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First Shura Meeting
Held on Saturday, 22 September 2007
At Hujjat Imambara, Stanmore

The meeting commenced at 10:25pm with the recitation of the Holy Quran. The meeting was chaired by the President – Alhaj Kamruddin Khaki (Kakaji). He was accompanied on the podium by the Vice President, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer. The President outlined the format and objective of the gathering. There was participation from both the ladies (from the ladies hall) and gents.

A number of issues were raised, suggested and put forward by people, and these broadly came under the following headings:

1. Quran

• It was proposed that while Darsa is being conducted, simultaneous translation of the recitation should be displayed on the screens in the centre.
• A suggestion was made that verses highlighting the benefits of Quran recitation must be prominently displayed.
• The value of having a Qari for during Ramadhan was discussed.
• The methods for teaching and learning the Quran by the various institutions within the Centre was expounded on by numerous speakers.
• It was felt that the adults also need to be catered for in terms of the Quran teaching.
• It was suggested that the Jamaat provide a facility to provide further facilities for Quran teaching and the learning aspect of it.

2. Onsite Food

• It was observed that perhaps the availability of fast food and sugary drinks that are available from the kiosks in the centre are not the healthiest diet. It was proposed that healthy options should be made available especially to the children.

3. Jamaat Namaaz

• The Jamaat Namaaz for the Maghribain period should be continued after Ramadhan to include masaels and, if it is supported by the members, then it should be made a regular feature. The timings should be reflective of the season.

4. Website

• The agenda and deliberations of the Executive meetings should be posted on the notice board and the Hujjat website.

5. Speakers

• A wider array of speakers, from the religious, political and ambassadorial arenas should be invited to speak at the Centre.

6. Jaushan-e-Kabeer

• In addition to the children reciting this dua, it was suggested one of the nights should be set aside for recitation by more eloquent and experienced adults.

7. Another Centre

• The need for looking into another bigger Centre was highlighted because of overcrowding at peak usages and the possibility of using Ruislip was suggested.

8. Youths in Car park

• Arrangements should be made by the volunteers to encourage the youths to come into the Centre and participate in the programmes, rather than hang out in the car park.

9. Ease Congestion

• To ease congestion by the main exit door and shoe rack, it was suggested to consider opening the side door, and having a shade with a shoe rack, to serve as another exit.

10. Language

• A suggestion was put forward that the medium for delivering khutba’s should be English as the majority of the congregation used English as their first language. The use of English, Urdu, Gujarati and other languages in Friday sermons, lectures, majalis etc, were discussed, and the pros and cons of each were expressed.
• The views of our Marja on this issue were also put forward as he has expressly indicated that we must not lose our mother tongue.
• It was also suggested that Arabic/Farsi classes should be re-introduced in the evenings.

11. No Smoking

• It was suggested that in light of the recent legislation regarding banning smoking in public places, that consideration should be given to banning smoking in the Centre grounds.

12. Welfare/Special needs

• Consideration should be given to providing a facility to help those who could not attend programmes at the centre and required help to do so.

13. Ibadat Nights

• It was requested if consideration could be given by the EC to allow the youths to use the Centre throughout the night for the last ten nights of Ramadhan for ibadat.

14. Building Survey

• A query was raised as to why a building survey was commissioned if it had already been done by the previous EC.
• The President said that the work is not being replicated, but is looking at areas that had not been covered by the previous surveys and there was no duplication of effort.

15. Neighbours

• In order to foster good relations with our neighbours, it was suggested that we send out a communication to our neighbours apologising for any inconvenience that we may be causing them due to the programmes at the centre.

16. Dua Recitation

• A suggestion was made to consider the issue of not constraining the time for dua recitation, but to allow a more prolonged quality recitation for the appreciation, and understanding of the duas.

17. Safety

• It was suggested that Fire drills must be practiced for emergency evacuation
• It was also noted that the forecourt must not be used for car parking for safety reasons and to facilitate easy access for the emergency services if required.
• A medical room, staffed with a doctor/nurse must be made available during the programmes.

18. Dress Code

• A concern was raised about dress code for people attending programmes at the Centre especially during khushalis and weddings. It was suggested that the Islamic dress code must be impressed especially for ladies attending programmes at the Centre.

19. Karbala Model

• A suggestion was made that consideration should be given to having a model of the Karbala tragedy so that it can aid understanding the massacre of that occurred on that  day.

20. Warren Lane Parking

• It was suggested that the policy of allowing vehicles to park on Warren lane be reviewed, as it is causing aggravation with the non-Centre user drivers.

21. Resident Aalim

• The jamaat should consider having a full time resident for the Jamaat.

22. Lecture Content

• Members requested that masaels (religious rules) should be given prior to the main lecture delivered during the Holy month of Ramadhan.
• The number of speakers in Ramadhan should be reduced to allow for continuity of the subject matter and allow the speakers to do justice to their topic.

23. Screens Notices

• A point was made that the TV screen notices/adverts must not be put on during the programmes as they distract the congregation. The notices should only be displayed after the Ziyarat recitation.

24. Citation of Marhumeen

• It was suggested that the Thursday citation of the names of Marhumeen could be done simultaneously with the serving of tabbaruk.

The President and Hon. Secretary elaborated on some of the questions and provided answers on some of the queries raised.

The Vice President gave a brief outline of the plans for the Husein Day being planned for Safar.

The meeting ended at 11:30pm.

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