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Wiladat of Imam Hasan b. Ali (as)

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Congratulations to you all on the birth anniversary of our holy second Imam (as)!

Imam Hasan (as) once said: ‘If you fail to obtain something of worldly benefit, take it as if the thought of it had never crossed your mind at all.’

Allamah Tabatabai writes: Imam Hasan Mujtaba, upon whom be peace, was the second Imam. He and his brother Imam Husayn were the two sons of Amir al-Mu’minin `Ali and Hadrat Fatimah, the daughter of the Prophet. Many times the Prophet had said, “Hasan and Husayn are my children.” Because of these same words `Ali would say to his other children, “You are my children and Hasan and Husayn are the children of the Prophet.”

…Imam Hasan was reminiscent of his father and a perfect example of his noble grandfather. In fact, as long as the Prophet was alive, he and his brother were always in the company of the Prophet who even sometimes would carry them on his shoulders. Both Sunni and Shi`ite sources have transmitted this saying of the Holy Prophet concerning Hasan and Husayn: “These two children of mine are Imams (leaders) whether they stand up or sit down” (allusion to whether they occupy the external function of caliphate or not). Also, there are many traditions of the Holy Prophet and `Ali concerning the fact that Imam Hasan would gain the function of Imamate after his noble father.

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