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YDD: Youth Dua Drive

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In June 2008, the Jamaat launced YOUTH DUA DRIVE, YDD, with the aim of training our youngsters in the recitation of Duas leading upto the Holy month of Ramadhan. Following on from the success of this initiative in both gents and ladies, YDD classes will re-start in May 2009.

Registration will take place on Thursday 7th May 2009. Annexe for boys and ELC for girls. Please note: there will be NO classes on this day. Parents are requested to hand in the forms to the relevant co-ordinators on or prior to this day. If you have already emailed across your completed form, there is no need to register on the day. You will be contacted by email to confirm receipt of your application and to which class which your child has been allocated to.

Deadline for Registration is Thursday 21st May 2009. Any new applications received after this date will be dealt with at the discretion of the co-ordinators.

The first full training session will begin on Thursday 14th May 2009.

Please fill out the forms as accurtately as possible so we can allocate the classes as best as possible to suit the abilities of the level of recitation.

Please note that for boys aged under 11 years, the classes will be organised and conducted by the ladies team who run a similar Qur’an recitation programme within Shia Ithna’asheri Madressa (SIM). For boys aged 11 and over, the classes will be conducted by the gents. Those children who attended the classes last year are requested to bring their YDD books once the classes resume.

Registration forms can be downloaded here.

Please contact the respective co-ordinators: Br Akil Kanani in Gents; Shehnazbai Somji or Kanizbai Merali in the ladies for more information.

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