Youth Azadari Drive [YAD]

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The institution of Azadaari arouses our spirits, inspires our lives and infuses our souls with the essence of Imam Hussain’s mission and we need to actively promote, maintain and enhance Azadaari within our youth.

In order to address this, the EC and the Madressa have embarked upon a new initiative to allow our youth a platform for enhancing their Nawha, Marthiya and Qasida recitation skills.  The objective is to develop a new generation of recitors using our existing resource of excellent current recitors.

Consequently, a programme of weekly recitation classes has been arranged, commencing immediately after Mahe Ramadhan 2007, to be held at the Hujjat centre on Thursday nights.

Classes, for both boys and girls, will run in parallel with the Thursday / Jumeraat evening programme.

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