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Thursday Programme
Thursday 4 September 2014
Friday Prayers
Friday 5 September 2014

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Tuesday 2 September 2014
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Resident Aalim

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Thursday Programme
Thursday 4 September 2014
(Hujjat) (Jamaat Programme)
8:00pm Salaatul Maghribain
8:25pm Holy Quran  Imraan Chandoo
8:30pm Dua-e-Kumayl Zuhayr Suleman
8:55pm Sura-e-Yaseen
9:05pm Majlis (English) Sheikh Mohamed Abbas Panju
9:35pm Announcements
9:40pm Ziyarat-e-Waarith
9:45pm Tabarruk

Friday Prayers
Friday 5 September 2014
(Hujjat) (Jamaat Programme)
1:05pm Jumma Khutba Sheikh Mohamed Abbas Panju
English Sermon

Wiladat Eve - Imam Ali Ridha (A)
Saturday 6 September 2014
(Hujjat) (Jamaat Programme)
7:47pm Salaatul Maghribain
8:15pm Holy Quran Mohammed Habib Husein
8:20pm Hadith e Kisaa Zainali Panjwani
8:35pm Lecture Sheikh Mujahidali Sheriff
9:15pm Announcements
9:20pm Nikah
9:50pm Qasidaa Ali Javad Jaffer
9:57pm Munajaat Muslim Rehemtulla
10:05pm Ziyarat
10:10pm Tabarruk

Thursday Programme-Farewell to Hujjaj
Thursday 11 September 2014
(Hujjat) (Jamaat Programme)
8:00pm Salaatul Maghribain
8:25pm Dua-e-Kumayl
8:50pm Sura-e-Yaseen
9:05pm Majlis (English) Sheikh Mohamed Abbas Panju
9:35pm Speech-Farewell to Hujjaj  President
9:40pm Announcements
9:45pm Ziyarat-e-Waarith
9:55pm Tabarruk  

Friday Prayers
Friday 12 September 2014
(Hujjat) (Jamaat Programme)
1:02pm Jumma Khutba Sheikh Mohamed Abbas Panju
English Sermon

Thursday Programme
Thursday 18 September 2014
(Hujjat) (Jamaat Programme)
8:00pm Salaatul Maghribain
8:30pm Dua-e-Kumayl
8:55pm Sura-e-Yaseen
9:00pm Holy Quran
9:05pm Majlis (English) Sheikh Mohamed Abbas Panju
9:35pm Announcements
9:40pm Ziyarat-e-Waarith
9:50pm Tabarruk  

Friday Prayers
Friday 19 September 2014
(Hujjat) (Jamaat Programme)
1:00pm Jumma Khutba Sheikh Mohamed Abbas Panju
English Sermon

Shahadat Eve: Imam Muhammad at-Taqi (A)
Wednesday 24 September 2014
(Hujjat) (Jamaat Programme)
8:00pm Salaatul Maghribain
8:25pm Holy Quran 
8:30pm Marthiya
8:37pm Majlis (Urdu)
9:22pm Taboot/Maatam
9:35pm Ziyarat Maksus
9:40pm Announcements
9:45pm Tabarruk  

Thursday Programme
Thursday 25 September 2014
(Hujjat) (Jamaat Programme)
8:00pm Salaatul Maghribain
8:25pm Dua-e-Kumayl
8:50pm Sura-e-Yaseen
9:00pm Holy Quran
9:05pm Majlis (English) Sheikh Mohamed Abbas Panju
9:35pm Announcements
9:40pm Ziyarat-e-Waarith
9:50pm Tabarruk  

Friday Prayers
Friday 26 September 2014
(Hujjat) (Jamaat Programme)
12:30pm Dua-e-Nudba
12:57pm Jumma Khutba Sheikh Mohamed Abbas Panju
English Sermon

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Dua Classes for Girls / Ladies Print E-mail

Dua Classes for Girls and Ladies
Will be held on Thursdays between 8.30pm and 9.30pm
Ages 5+ and those fluent in Qur’an recitation
The following will be taught to those wishing to improve their recitation:

1) Daily Taqeebat al Salah & Short Ziyarah

2) Duas for Thursday & Friday including Hadith e Kisa, Ziyarat-e-Waritha, Sura Yaseen, Dua e Kumail, Dua e Nudbah and Dua e Samaat

3) Duas & Suras for recitation at the time of Sakraat e Mowt (Near Death) including Dua e Adeelah, Sura al Saffat, Sura al Rahman, Sura al  Mulk, Dua e Noor

4) Monthly Duas & Ziyaraah for Dhul-Hijjah, Muharram, Saffar and Mahe-Ramadhan

5) Some Treasures from Mafaati al Jinaan (Keys to Jannah)including Dua Jawshn e Sagheer, Dua e Mashlool, Ziyaarah of Haram Shareef, etc
The aim is to train Girls and Ladies to be able to recite in public
To register please contact Shehnazbai Somji or Raziabai Datoo via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   These classes are for Girls / Ladies ONLY
Classes will be held all year round except when a Wafaat or Wiladat falls on a Thursday. Classes will be held in the ELC and will commence on Thursday 4th September 2014

Careers Day 2014 Print E-mail
Stanmore Jafferys

careersday2014 1

Stanmore Jafferys present

Careers Day 2014

Ages 17-25 years

at The Husaini Islamic Centre, Wood Lane, Stanmore, HA7 4LQ


Saturday 6th September 2014

10am to 5pm

To register, apply online at www.jafferys.org/sj-careers-day or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Prayer for Peace Report Print E-mail

pfp1The spread of injustice across the globe is worrying to say the very least; whichever part of the world you face, innocent lives are being lost and blood is being inexplicably spilt. The feeling of helplessness to aid those suffering is bruising to many a heart, particularly for those of us living in the west. However, there is one unanimous act that each and every one of us can unite in performing in order to provide solace to the victims; that is prayer. Essentially, this ‘prayer for peace’ event wanted to emphasise that regardless of faith and background, God is universal and listens to all his creation.

The diversity of faiths coming together to this event was refreshing. Representatives of Islam – both Sunni and Shia – joined Christian Reverends, Jewish Rabbis and Hindu representatives to unite in condemning the vile atrocities occurring on a daily basis; something religious leaders have been criticised for doing a lack thereof in the past. To hold hands in prayer to a supernatural deity to alleviate the troubles of the oppressed, is a simple, yet powerful action which defies the oppressors.

We were blessed with the presence of The Mayor of Harrow, Ajay Maru, and the President of Hujjat, Sheikh Mustafa Jaffer, who commenced proceedings with a short ‘thank you’ speech. This was shortly followed by a brief talk from our resident speaker, Sheikh Muhammad Abbas Panju. Unsurprisingly, he gave a thought-provoking talk, focusing on the acts of terror taking place in Iraq. Perhaps the underlying message from Sheikh’s speech was his emphasis on disassociating Islam from the vulgar crimes of ISIS, an important point that everyone took away. With the media continuing to label ISIS ‘Islamic extremist’, whilst also claiming to portray the conflict as ‘sectarian war’, little is being done to clear the name of Islam from these acts of violence. In fact, Sheikh made a beautiful point in saying that the result of following the book of Allah, to be a 'fundamentalist', to its absolute maximum is a moderate, respectful Muslim. The members of the ISIS group use Islam as nothing more than a disguise for their despicable, selfish acts, and their actions are in stark contrast with the peaceful values outlined in the Quran, and by the Holy Prophet.

Poem: Gaza Betrayed Print E-mail

Gaza Betrayed

Dedicated to the victims of the Gaza genocide: July-August 2014

Rising into the blackened haze
Smoke and stench of children ablaze
All hope, laughter, dreams
Obliterated by blitz and siege

Who will make Gaza’s children wake?
Who will heal their mothers’ searing pain?
Who will end the agony, still the fear?
Who will dam the rivers of blood and tears?

Not the Muslims busy with rituals and rites
Alternatively fasting by day, feasting by night
Not Ramadhan’s seekers of spirituality
Undistracted by blood and ugly realities

Not the Muslim leaders promoting insularity
Focus on yourselves, your children, your locality!
Whilst Gaza burns and weeps alone
Strangulated, incinerated, ignored

No outcry from the pulpit, not even a whisper
No call for action, protest, even prayer!
Gaza’s bloodbath, Syria’s slaughter, Iraq’s destruction
Provokes only silence in the Friday sermon

Where, pray tell, is even one community that truly cares
To rise, strategise, rather than look the other way?
Where are the leaders to inspire and guide
A vision beyond cultural and geographic divides?

With modernity, ignorance has long ceased
Death and destruction fill our screens
Yet if ignorance is weakness, uglier still
Is passivity, inertia, a lack of collective will

We allowed Gaza to burn and bleed and grieve
Reek of rotting flesh, sewage and gangrene
Through 70 years of occupation and crippling siege...
Shame on the Ummah, Shame on our apathy!

Written by Sis Fatema Valji

The Khojas - A Journey of Faith Print E-mail

An Inspiring 650 year Account of a People who  Nurtured and Preserved their Faith in the Crucible of Culture

Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheris, (KSI) numbering less than 150,000 pale into insignificance in the context of 200 million Shia Ithna-Asheris worldwide. Yet they are perceived to have a presence and influence that far exceeds their size.

With their genesis from a Hindu heritage, to a hotchpotch mystic faith called Satpanth which combined Sufi ideas with traces of Hindu belief and their subsequent conversion to the Nizari Ismaili path and eventually to follow the  Ja’fari school of thought is a fascinating story of a journey of faith.
It is time to retell this story of this journey of faith over five centuries.  Many of our elders expressed that the full story, of who the Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheris are, must be told for future generations to glean an understanding and appreciation of their ancestors’ struggles, trials, tribulations as well as successes.

Screening near you on:

Sunday 07 September 2014 at 1:30 pm - Safari Cinema - Station Rd, Harrow, HA1 2TU. (free parking at Harrow Civic Centre). Tickets for the showing are available Free of Charge at the Jamaat Desks or at the Jamaat Office on a first come, first served basis.

Shia Companion App Print E-mail

PosterSC From the makers of iSistani, this Ramadhan sees the launch of a revolutionary Shia Muslim oriented iOS mobile/tablet application. Bringing together features which have never been developed in an app previously. Features include:

- Over 6400 lines of prayers and supplications
- Includes Ramadhan Du'as
- Arabic manually checked for errors
- Continuously corrected and updated with new data
- Accurate Salaah times
- Adhaan timer
- Qadha tables (fasts and prayers)
- Accurate Qibla compass
- 2 in 1 Calendar (Gregorian and Islamic)
- Tasbeeh counters
- Free lite version and much much more...

Download now:

Be the first to know when updates are available, including news on the Android version of the app, and have a say in what you'd like to see in future releases. Further information available at www.uniqueapps.mobi

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